Linktree alternative. Tagly+ a app to host files, links, contact information and more.

Sophistically Created, Simple to Use.

A more straightforward, innovative way to share all your information from one place. Whether you are sharing your startup or looking for a job, share links, resumes, files, contact information, and more from one app... without the hassles.

Redesigned. Reusable. Reconditioned. Accessible.

Customize your profile, schedule appointments, and showcase your contact information, links, and files. Minimalistically designed, intuitively driven.

Tagly+ App Login Screen. LinkTree alternative.

Launching October 17!

Use the app standalone or connect the Tagly Card. Experience connecting the new-fashioned way.

That's not all! At Tagly, we are serious about the environment. With each purchase of the Tagly card or download of Tagly+, we will plant a tree. Let's stop deforestation together!