Our Commitment

According to a study conducted by Rainforest Action Network, approximately 3.5 - 7 billion trees are cut down annually. The effects are detrimental to our ecosystem: 

- Lack of biodiversity 

- Loss of Carbon Sinks

- Increased Climate Change

- Local communities are compelled to move out 

In correlation, 27 million business cards are printed daily, and 10 billion cards are printed annually. Here is the sad part... 8 billion cards are thrown out within one week! 

At Tagly, we are taking collective action to ensure offline is the new online! Using reconditioned materials, a transparent supply chain, and infrastructure developed from the ground up, we proudly are connecting customers across the globe.

Simply Touch, Tap. and share your Tagly card indefinitely. 

Nevertheless, we are taking it a step further. We will plant a tree for every Tagly Card purchase and Tagly+ install. That is our commitment.

Let us stop deforestation together!